Dora: A Headcase

Dora: A Head Case is a contemporary coming of age story based on Freud's famous case study — retold and revamped through Dora's point of view, with shotgun blasts of dark humor and sexual play. It's a ballsy book. Some have called it the female Fight Club.

"Dora: A Headcase is first and foremost an irreverent portrait of a smart seventeen year old trying to survive. It channels Sigmund Freud and his young patient Dora and is both a hilarious critique and an oddly touching homage. With an unerring ear and a very keen eye, Lidia Yuknavitch casts a very special slant of light on our centuries and our lives. Put simply, the book is needed." CAROLE MASO, Author of Defiance and The Art Lover.

"An irreverent remake of a renowned case, the new novel Dora: a Headcase delivers a gritty take on girlhood. [Dora’s] at war with the conventional girl script—not unlike Yuknavitch herself." HANNAH LEVINTOVA, MOTHER JONES